E46 330i non-ZHP neighborhood terrorist tune

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E46 330i non-ZHP neighborhood terrorist tune

Postby collin.patricelli » Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:59 pm

So first let me start of with a work of caution: this tune will make people hate you. It also will make some love you. I suggest any sane individual to steer well clear of this tune. Technically there are no required mods necessary for this tune, but I strongly encourage catless headers to be installed, and a catback exhaust will add much theater to the experience. If you choose to remain catted, well odds are a free decat will soon be coming your way via melted catalytic ceramic. This tune is designed for stock injectors and natural aspiration (no turbos, superchargers, NOS). This tune will work with both a manual or an automatic, but automatics will actively fight against much of the driving necessary to facilitate octane Armageddon with premature gear shifts and up-shifting on decel. I highly recommend this tune to be only installed on manual vehicles. It does not require a vehicle to have its downstream post-cat O2 sensors, only both pre-cat sensors. It also has the Secondary air pump turned off, so for those who want, or already have that system deleted, you're in the clear. Other things turned off in the tune are: torque limiters, Driver wish input correction, throttle request correction, catalyst overheating protection, exhaust valve, speed limiter, and the engine speed soft limiter. Do not be alarmed if on-off throttle transitions are jerky, that is due to the driver wish input correction and throttle request correction being turned off. Some small performance changes have been made. The VANOS has been tuned with more mid-range power adjustments as well as WOT (wide open throttle) adjustments to increase torque. I also adjusted how many degrees the TPS opens the throttle body too, changing it from 81 degrees to 90 degrees above 4500 rpm. That particular change yielded no noticeable change but I kept it none-the-less. There is 1-2 degrees of ignition advance in the lower RPM's (below 4800) and above that threshold 3 degrees of timing advance and beyond 5500 4 degree. The RPM limiter has been raised from 6600 to 7000. This is all to say, the car is prepped and ready to be revved out. Now on to the good stuff, or maybe the bad stuff to some. This tune will cause your vehicle to shoot flames and shred eardrums with loud, followed by louder, then by the loudest gunshots you'll ever hear emanate from a BMW. A lot more fuel has been added to when the throttle body is closed and the car decelerating, and couple that with -24 degrees of timing on decel, the result is an RKTunes style burble tune with even louder back fires. The car will burble/pop all the way down to 1400ish rpm. When in 1st or 2nd gear and accelerating with WOT, rev the engine above 6500 rpm's or to 7000, then get off the gas and let the car decelerate and at 5600 RPM a loud gunshot will occur, but may not be heard so well to those in the car if there are no surrounding objects for the sound to bounce off of. What may occur instead is a shock wave will travel through the car on particularly intense backfires. Another fun way to facilitate spontaneous loud explosions is just free revving the car to 6700-6800 with either the clutch compressed or the transmission in neutral. I Severely retarded the timing above 6500 at WOT as a soft limiter of sorts, but it only kicks in when the car is free revving, not while under load. A third way to facilitate massive backfires is to downshift at a speed in which the rpms rise up to the 5000-5500 rpm range and that may cause the car to backfire with intensity 3-4 times successively. The final way the car backfires loudly is a result of a pseudo-no-lift-shift when the car accelerates up to 6600+ at WOT and then shifted, a sound somewhat akin to a whip cracking (but much louder), emanates from the tailpipes. *Warning: this is not real no lift shifting, do not attempt to do so, potential drive-train damage could result from no lift shifting. The last thing to be made wary of is this tune has the potential to rattle out any nut or bolt in the exhaust system not bonded to other metal, or torqued to the moon and back. The explosions are really quite violent. Honestly this tune does not contribute much to the tuning community as a whole, but it has been a side project of mine and I feel someone out there has a need for this style tune. Its certainly a lot cheaper than spending several hundred dollars to buy a chip tune online. And also, I hope if anyone uses this tune, that they look through the parameters, comparing it to parameters that I messed with and glean new information from that to use in their own experiments with tuning. Most of the techniques used to make a car this obnoxious are fairly simple and applicable to any DME and engine. I'm sure if anyone wants to know the simple tricks to burble tunes and fireballs, many people will share their knowledge on the subject, myself included. There's a lot of tuners out there who know kids (like myself) are looking for the car meet flex tune and will pay good money for it, but I hope the secrets to this type of tune soon make their way to the audience who actually want to have it, so they can do it themselves. It's one flex to have a car that shoots flames at the meet, but to be the one to tune your car to shoot flames is a flex of a totally different level. Just don't get to carried away with shenanigans, the cops may find you ;). Enjoy!
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Re: E46 330i non-ZHP neighborhood terrorist tune

Postby Renovelo » Mon Aug 31, 2020 8:20 pm

Hey Collin, thanks for the contribution and also using tags! Glad to hear (pun intended) that you're enjoying ByteTuner!

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Re: E46 330i non-ZHP neighborhood terrorist tune

Postby tonypatton » Wed Sep 30, 2020 1:51 am

Thanks for the share
Do u know if this would work with a 5speed setup 🤔

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