MSS54HP E46 M3 - Single Bank 02 Control

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MSS54HP E46 M3 - Single Bank 02 Control

Postby rmz » Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:53 pm

Hi, I've currently got a turbo E46 M3 turbo running E85, tuned using an AEM v1 in a semi-piggy back installation (HPF). I do all my own tuning etc.. I converted the original tune from gas to e85 etc.

Now I'm looking to convert to an OEM DME/MAF (aftermarket) setup. So far it seems that your software/tuning platform will work great for my needs.

That said, It seems that I'll have to overcome the dual to single bank o2 control issue. I was considering purchasing a copy of IDA Pro and going down that path but figured I'd ask if you have any advice?

As an alternative I did think of a hardware solution using some custom signal circuitry, microcontroller logic, and a wideband to feed the DME what it needs (narrow band signal, with appropriate timing to ensure one bank doesn't drift and the LTFT and STFT are equal across banks) to more or less end up with single bank control.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: MSS54HP E46 M3 - Single Bank 02 Control

Postby Renovelo » Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:08 pm

Unfortunately the single bank is not possible with our software (since it was never possible with BMW's stock firmware). ByteTuner allows you to only modify the parameter space. Controlling MSS5x using a single O2 sensor would require a firmware hack. This is similar to the hacks we've done to simplify the number of maps and double the range of the stock MAF sensor on MS42, MS43, and MS45. Fortunately, this hack is actually on our future todo list because we have an E46 M3 shop car which we hope to eventually turbo. However, don't hold your breath on when we can deliver this to the market.

Hardware hacks might be possible, but it won't be easy. Some of the easier hardware hacks have been tried and probably won't work as described in this thread: ... on.967056/

We have in mind some other hardware hacks in case we can't solve the problem with firmware, but they'll take some effort.

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