MS430069 firmware support?

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MS430069 firmware support?

Post by collin.patricelli »

(windows 10; MS43) ByteTuner v1.8.2
I am not entirely sure if the forums are the correct place to have this discussion or if a direct email would make more sense. I am not sure if this is appropriate for the bug section either, but I will post it here because it seems somewhat appropriate. Anyways i did some mischievous tuning this weekend which involved a firmware update to MS430069. The Bytetuner guide states that Bytetuner only supports most recent firmware, so I expected the dme to be running the latest firmware MS430069, but discovered it to be MS430066. That is fine enough, but after updating the firmware, I tried to connect Bytetuner to the DME. Bytetuner did not recognize the DME. I made sure the key was in the second position, which it was, and tried again. Same result. I verified the switch on the OBD2 connecter was the correct was (which it was) and tried again. Same problem. The car runs and drives just fine with no error codes, but Bytetuner does not recognize the DME anymore with the newest firmware version. I cannot obtain DME info, download, or upload the DME tune anymore. Any insight into this problem? Does Bytetuner not support MS430069? And if not, I would appreciate that support to be implemented, but I Imagine very few others have had this issue before to be worth your team's time to implement that support. I would hate to burden you guys with an obsolete task. Anyways, Love the software and will continue to use the duration of my BMW ownership.
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Re: MS430069 firmware support?

Post by Renovelo »

Hey Collin,

It's not technically a bug, so we moved it to this sub-forum which is the only "general" forum we have for ByteTuner related questions.

Unfortunately, ByteTuner does not support HW7551615 (aka MS430069). We have it in our short-term roadmap to build a map pack for that HW variant, but don't expect it to come within the next several weeks. It's not our top priority right now but we're fairly confident we should be able to support it soon.

Technically speaking, one of the HW variants we support is "newer" than HW7551615 (HW7572342) and one is "older" (HW7545150). This assumes that BMW increased the numbers with time. All three of these HW variants are actually considered the latest variants for MS43.

To continue to use ByteTuner, you'll have to flash your DME back to the way it was when you were tuning with ByteTuner. Then it should have no problem recognizing/flashing your DME.
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