Editing temp axes and window title during resize (v1.4.6)

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Editing temp axes and window title during resize (v1.4.6)

Postby Renovelo » Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:18 am

One of our customers noticed a bug when trying to edit the coolant temperature axis for one of the idle speed tables. In fact this bug is present when trying to edit any temperature axis (coolant or air intake). When modifying the axis, it will not behave as expected and any negative temperature values will likely become positive.

Another bug that was noticed was when resizing a map window when another map window was already open. The title of the resized window would sometimes change to match the other opened window.

If you've purchased any version of our Domino Tuning Suite (Standard or Professional Editions) and have noticed these bugs, please contact Renovelo for an updated version (v1.5.0).

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