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Domino Tuning Suite

Finally, a custom tuning solution for your BMW

Renovelo has finally answered the need for a custom tuning solution for the late-model OBD1 BMW market. Using the Domino and the Domino Tuning Suite, it is possible to customize your tune exactly to your needs. Supported modifications include anything from a simple intake or exhaust to full-blown forced induction applications such as superchargers or turbochargers.

Simply plug the Domino along with the supplied EEPROM into your DME and recalibrate it with the Domino Tuning Suite. Eliminate the costly retunes and the downtime associated with sending your DME off to a professional tuner. Make instant changes to your calibration and enjoy your performance gains.

Unleash the hidden power

The Domino Tuning Suite is a complete package which allows you to edit the stock calibration of your DME. We provide you all of the necessary maps to extract the most performance from your BMW. These include fuel injection, spark advance, VANOS timing, top speed limiter, rev limiter, and much more.

Modifying your calibration with the Domino Tuning Suite could not be any easier. Installation and removal can be done with simple hand tools within an hour. Using the included help documents, you can identify the purpose of each map along with tips on tuning. For some of the more complicated systems, we even provide logic flowcharts which show how the DME processes engine inputs to choose the appropriate map. If that’s not enough, how about live engine values? Using available hardware, it is possible to see the exact engine operating conditions within a particular map.

Tuning solutions are available for both individuals as well as professional tuning shops. Contact us directly for more information regarding our professional packages.

Get inside your DME

Domino Tuning Suite allows you full access to all of the necessary tables and values to optimize your calibration perfectly. Don’t be forced to live with a predefined tune when you want to make modifications to your setup. Parameters include:

  • Ignition Advance (idle, PT, WOT)
  • Fuel (idle, PT, WOT)
  • Rev limiter
  • Top speed limiter
  • Injector sizing
  • MAF transfer function

Available parameters

Shown in the table to the left are the majority of the parameters that you can tune with the Domino Tuning Suite. From 1993 to 1995 there were 5 major hardware and software versions depending on the year and model. Through countless hours of research and reverse engineering, we have uncovered all of the important parameters necessary to successfully recalibrate your DME. Domino Tuning Suite will notify you if the hardware/software combination of your DME is not in this table. If this is the case, contact Renovelo immediately so our team can begin the process of adding it to our library. On average, this takes us 3 to 5 business days to accomplish.

Supported vehicles

Domino Tuning Suite is fully compatible with the following vehicles:

  • '93-'95 M3 (w/ VANOS)
  • '92-'95 325i (w/ VANOS)
  • '92-'95 325is (w/ VANOS)
  • '92-'95 525i (w/ VANOS)

The easiest way to verify compatibility is to visually check the DME in your vehicle. This can be done by following the instructions found here. After removing the DME, verify that the sticker on the DME appears similar to one of the three shown in the images below. Pay special attention to the last three digits of the Bosch part number (i.e. 413 or 506). This product only works with 413 or 506 hardware.

Real-time tuning

Renovelo’s Domino Tuning Suite is fully compatible with Moates Ostrich 2.0 emulator. What this allows is instant changes to your calibration instead of flashing a new EEPROM and loading it into your DME. This gets you off the dyno and onto the road quicker!

What’s even better is many professional tuning shops already have access to the Ostrich 2 emulator because of its popularity in other OE markets. This means less start-up costs for those interested in entering the professional BMW tuning scene.

Moates Burn2 chip programmer

Live values

When enabled, the Moates Ostrich 2.0 emulator allows the tuner to see exactly where the DME is currently operating. Not only this, but it also shows when a certain table is even active. This eliminates all guesswork from tuning and will help speed up the tuning process tremendously.

Seeing the live values used by the DME can also help troubleshoot faulty hardware. Did you know that a malfunctioning engine coolant temperature sensor will not turn on the check engine light in some OBD1 cars? Without tools like these, it will be impossible to know if your engine is operating at its maximum potential.

Chip tuning

Additionally, Renovelo’s Domino Tuning Suite is fully compatible with Moates Burn2 chip programmer.  This hardware works with all EEPROMs in the Bosch 413 and 506 DMEs.  Because it is also compatible with EEPROMs for several other OEMs, many OBD1 tuners also have access to these as well.

You will need to purchase either the Burn2 chip programmer or the Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator directly through Moates.  If you intend to save money and have time to spare, purchase just the Burn2 chip programmer.  If you want to tune as quickly as possible, also purchase the Ostrich 2.0 emulator.  You can make instant changes to your tune on the dyno and then transfer your final tune to an EEPROM afterward.

Form & function

Table View
This view is where all changes are made to the calibration. The background colors of all cells represent the values within them. This allows the tuner to quickly identify areas that need attention. Not to worry though, this tool has more than just good looks!

Axes That Can Be Modified
Unlike some other tuning suites, Renovelo has added the ability to change the axis values. You might ask why this is important. The main reason is for forced-induction tuning. When swapping in injectors that have more capacity than stock, substantial changes must be made to the calibration including the scaling of all load axes. Without this feature, it would be impossible to tune for supercharger or turbocharger applications.

Tuning Toolbar
Since every table opens to a new window, a tuning toolbar is within easy reach at the top. This allows for quick changes to the calibration with minimal work. Changes can then be immediately saved and uploaded to the DME.

Graph View
Simply by clicking a button on the tuning toolbar, the view can be changed from a table to a 2D or 3D graph. In addition to the color map, viewing the table in a graphical format allows the tuner to ensure smooth transitions between neighboring cells. For some maps, the smoothness is crucial for optimum performance. Without these additional features, it would be difficult to catch these mistakes and create a quality tune.

Smooth Rotation
Orientation of this view can be changed by clicking the graph and dragging it in different directions. The 3D graph rotates fluidly without hesitation regardless of computer performance. Expect only the highest quality BMW tuning tools from Renovelo!

Got help?

Included with our Domino Tuning Suite is an extensive help manual detailing everything from the initial setup to logic flowcharts used by the DME. These flowcharts are crucial when determining which of the many tables are active.

Although there are some other competing tuning alternatives available, none come close to providing the knowledge and support that Renovelo does with the Domino Tuning Suite.

Easy installation

Installing the Domino could not be any easier. The only tools necessary to get started are a screwdriver and a laptop computer! In fact, the average person can install the Domino and make the first modifications to the factory tune in less than an hour.

If for whatever reason you decide to remove your Domino, doing so is easy as well. Installation is completely reversible as our kit requires no permanent modifications to your car.

Online forums

Having trouble modifying a certain parameter? Looking for a mild tune from someone who is more experienced? Have the exact same hardware as a buddy and want to run their tune? Come join the community forums and share your experience. Whether you’re a complete ‘noob’ or a seasoned professional, you’ll find something useful on our forums.

Tuner security

Specifically for our professional tuners, Renovelo offers added security for their proprietary calibrations. The customer is still able to upload and download the tune, but cannot see the raw values.

Please contact Renovelo to access our network of professional tuners who can be trusted to extract the maximum amount of safe power from your custom setup.

System requirements


  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista/7/8/10/11
  • 1GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 50MB disk space
  • USB 1.0


  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista/7/8/10/11
  • 2GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 50MB disk space
  • USB 2.0 or newer