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Note: MS45 customers see the notes below about OBD2 cable quality!


ByteTuner is a complete tuning suite for OBD2 BMW engine tuning.  Suitable for professional tuning shops and enthusiasts alike, ByteTuner provides all necessary functions to extract the full potential out of your stock vehicle or custom engine build.

  • Flashing through OBD2
  • Full map editing
  • Data logging
  • Checksum corrections
  • RSA signatures
  • Diagnostics
  • Flash counter reset
  • EWS/DME sync
  • Adaptations


Supported DMEs

  • MS41.1
  • MS41.2
  • MS42
  • MS43
  • MS45.0
  • MS45.1
  • MSS52
  • MSS54
  • MSS54HP

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We love mods

ByteTuner supports nearly any engine modifications:

  • Forced induction (turbo/supercharger)
  • Larger injectors
  • Headers
  • Exhaust
  • Cold air intake
  • Engine swaps

Modified base tunes

Unlimited vehicles

Included with the purchase of ByteTuner is a free license for one vehicle.  Unlimited licenses can be purchased for additional vehicles.  This makes it economical for enthusiasts with a single vehicle or professional tuning shops with hundreds of vehicles.

Note: Although ByteTuner is locked to a single computer, additional software licenses can be purchased for $50 for each computer.  This is only applicable to the original customer and is not transferable. Contact Renovelo for additional details.


USB OBD2 Cable

Additional purchase required
ByteTuner is compatible with most USB OBD2 cables which support K-Line communication and BMW diagnostic protocols. It has been specifically developed to support the infamous K+DCAN interface which is popular amongst BMW enthusiasts today. If in doubt, we offer compatible cables with our software which can be purchased during checkout by choosing the appropriate option above.

MS45 Vehicles

Note: For MS45 vehicles, we now recommend only high quality K+DCAN cables for ByteTuner.  These cables usually have updated firmware on them which prevents corruption of the data during the flashing process of newer DMEs.  Only a few vendors offer these higher quality cables (such as BimmerGeeks).  Until we are able to source higher quality cables ourselves, we recommend all MS45 customers purchase elsewhere.  All other DMEs supported by ByteTuner do not seem to be affected today.

USB Analog DAQ

Additional purchase required
In addition to the many OBD2 channels that can be recorded, up to 4 differential analog signals of your choice can also be logged in parallel! Monitoring your wideband air/fuel ratio, boost gauge or practically any factory or aftermarket sensor is now a reality.

We proudly support DATAQ Instruments DI-1100 analog data acquisition module which can be purchased separately on their website. We’ve thoroughly tested this unit and it meets our needs for signal quality, cost and robustness.

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