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Domino Tuning Suite

Renovelo has finally answered the need for a custom tuning solution for the late-model OBD1 BMW market. Using the Domino and the Domino Tuning Suite, it is possible to customize your tune exactly to your needs. Supported modifications include anything from a simple intake or exhaust to full-blown forced induction applications such as superchargers or turbochargers.

Simply plug the Domino along with the supplied EEPROM into your DME and recalibrate it with the Domino Tuning Suite. Eliminate the costly retunes and the downtime associated with sending your DME off to a professional tuner. Make instant changes to your calibration and enjoy your performance gains.

Every Domino Tuning Suite package includes the following which will allow you to tune a single car:

  • Domino Tuning Suite software
  • Domino hardware
  • Renovelo EEPROM

It does not include any additional hardware which is required to tune (read below).  You will need either a Moates Burn2 chip programmer and/or a Moates Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator.

Moates Burn2 Chip Programmer

You will also need a Moates Burn2 chip programmer if you intend to eventually store your tune on a new EEPROM for long-term use.  This programmer is compatible with OBD1 BMW EEPROMs.  We designed Domino Tuning Suite to exclusively uses tuning hardware.


Moates Ostrich 2.0 Memory Emulator

For real-time tuning, you will also need a Moates Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator. Developed and manufactured by, the Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator is an amazing piece of hardware that allows instant changes to be made to your DME.

This device mimics, or emulates, the EEPROM inside the DME. The microprocessor uses the physical contents of the EEPROM such as control algorithms and lookup tables to govern various aspects of the engine. By temporarily using the Ostrich 2.0 to replace the EEPROM, changes can be made to the lookup tables while the engine is running!

Conventional OBD1 tuning methods require the EEPROM to be manually disconnected from the DME and reprogrammed outside of the car. After a new calibration has been loaded on the EEPROM, it would then have to be reinstalled back into the car. Each single change could take 5-10 minutes. With the Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator, these changes can be made in seconds.

Another advantage of the Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator is the live-tracing feature. When enabled, Domino Tuning Suite will show the tuner exactly where in the table the engine is operating in real-time. This feature can be very beneficial when trying to debug a tune or help trace hardware problems.

The Ostrich 2.0 can even be used without being connected to a computer. Internally, it houses a small, long-life lithium ion battery which can power it for years to come. This is very helpful when street-tuning just before the calibration is finalized to a permanent EEPROM.

The new form factor of the Ostrich 2.0 is incredibly small and compact. With a CNC-cut enclosure, as well as silkscreened lexan product description overlay, the Ostrich 2.0 sets a new standard in fitment and appearance. With state-of-the art performance, it is without rivals.

Each Ostrich 2.0 memory emulator comes with a 6 foot USB cable and a 18″ 28-pin DIP emulation header. It also comes with a 28-pin machine-tooled socket that can be snapped onto the emulation cable for protection and improved connections to the DME.


DTS Professional Edition

For professional tuning shops, we offer the DTS Professional Edition which has even more options and capabilities including the ability to tune multiple cars. Contact us directly for more information.


Additional Notes

Please note that our software is locked to a single computer using a Product Key which is included in the purchase price. Additional keys to install the software on other computers will cost $50 each. This is only applicable to the original customer and is not transferable. Also note that the Standard Edition of DTS is only compatible with a single vehicle.

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