ByteTuner Vehicle License


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ByteTuner Vehicle License

Are you an enthusiast with just a single car to tune? No problem! Are you a professional tuning shop with dozens of cars to tune? Awesome, ByteTuner can scale as you grow your business! ByteTuner uses a licensing system which allows you to tune each vehicle. For every vehicle you want to tune, a new vehicle license key must be purchased from our store.

To expedite the licensing process, please initiate the request in the ByteTuner License Manager. You can follow the help documentation included with ByteTuner for more details. We need your Customer ID, VIN, and Unique Vehicle ID (all of which can be found in the License Manager). Do not trust the VIN on the DME sticker as the VIN stored inside your DME could be different if it has ever been tuned. Once you have all of this information, fill the fields above as you place the order.

Supported DMEs

  • MS41.1
  • MS41.2
  • MS42
  • MS43
  • MS45.0
  • MS45.1
  • MSS52
  • MSS54
  • MSS54HP
  • MSS60
  • MSS65
  • MSV70

To see a detailed list of which models, hardware variants and software variants are supported by ByteTuner, follow the link below.
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